Importance of Good Reviews for an App

Good Reviews for an App

Good reviews are a critical factor for any successful Android app. Good reviews ensure the success of an app over the Android marketplace. They provide an insight into the usability of the application and customer feedback. Creating an app involves shaping great ideas into a usable and accessible piece of code. An application is not only about creating a piece of code and publishing it over the play store.

Getting an Android app reviewed by professionals is a standard practice in the mobile development process. App review is one of the vital processes that is done before and after publishing an app on the Play Store. There is no doubt that app review is a stressful process. The idea of app review is to leave the application in the hands of professional reviewers and having no control over the feedback.

The target audience listens to the feedback provided by the app reviewers. Research suggests that 90% of the people check for an app to have positive reviews before downloading it. By getting an app reviewed, it can be released to the public for general usage. The main key factors involved in the review of an app include:

  • Whether the app is worth using or not?
  • Checking the Accessibility and usage of the app for the target audience.

Importance of Good Reviews for an App:

Android app reviews are very important. Reviews affect the visibility of an application in the play store. If it gets a lot of good reviews, the chances of the application being featured on the top of the homepage increase greatly. Almost 72% of people trust different online reviews before downloading an app over their Android phones. Getting an app reviewed by the professionals is an inevitable process. Customer feedback is very crucial in the growth and success. Certain benefits are associated with good reviews for an application. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Good app reviews build strong authority and trust among the target audience. 
  • Good reviews of an app are directly proportional to the revenue.
  • There is a huge community of developers who are dedicated to reviewing apps. In this way, great community support is present for getting the Android applications reviewed.   
  • Good views increase the retention rate of users. Good reviews boost the user attention for any app.
  • Good reviews increase the visibility of apps in the Android marketplace.
  • Positive app reviews lead to the higher organic growth on the Google Play Store.
  • Positive reviews increase the ranking of the app over the play store.
  • The conversion rate increases greatly with a positive review for an app.  
  • When an update is released for an app after considering the reviews, It increases the user loyalty.

7 quick ways to get good reviews for apps:

Positive reviews play a vital role in the app download decision over the play store.  Down below is the list of quick ways for getting good reviews for app in the play store.

  1. Use a review plugin within your Android app

One of the quickest ways of getting an app reviewed is to ask the general audience to provide the review while using the application. Different application review plugins are available for Android. These review plugins are very easy to use and they prompt the user to leave a review for the app.

  1. Make the review process as easy as possible.

The app user can simply click the number of different stars ranging from one to five to review the app in the simplest way. The application review process should be very easy for the audience to get positive reviews.

  1. Provide the best customer service to the general audience of the app

Sometimes, using the live two-way direct messaging technique is very helpful for getting positive reviews and interacting with the users to get their feedback.

  1. Review message within an app

Normally it is better that the user should use the app for some time and the user should have accomplished something by using the application until he gets the review message.

  1. Run a contest

App developers usually run different kinds of contests along with different kinds of giveaways to ensure that people will leave a positive review for the application.

  1. Include a customer feedback form within the app

The feedback forms are very easy to use within the application and they increase the positive reviews.

  1. A feedback form should take a few minutes to fill out

The developers should design the feedback form carefully. If the feedback form requires more time to fill, it will lead to a bad review.

Getting user feedback and reviews for an app have two main purposes:

  • For getting different helpful insights about how an application can be improved in the future.
  • For boosting the app rating over the Android marketplace.

Some important points to be addressed before publishing the app:

Down below is the detail of some important points that need to be addressed before publishing an application over the Play Store. These points are also considered by the app reviewers.

  • Does the app conform to the requirements?

An app should perform all the tasks that it describes. An application that does not fulfill its main functions is useless and worthless. An app should conform to all of its requirements to get a great start in the Android marketplace.

  • The app is working efficiently or not?

There should be no application crashes when the application works. It should work without any glitches and crashes.

  • The app is easier to use?

An application should be easier to use by the audience. Any user should be able to use the app without being tech-savvy.

  • The graphical user interface of the app is visually appealing or not?

A great theme should be used for the application and all the graphical user interface components must be coherent and consistent. A great graphical user interface forms the backbone of the app.

  • What is the competition of the app in the play store?

An application should perform well along with other similar apps in the market. It should compete with other relevant apps on the Play Store. The app must provide a unique feature to stay ahead of the competition on the Android play store market.

How to deal with negative or poor reviews

It is a fact that every app gets some poor reviews. Here is the list of different strategies that can be used for dealing with poor reviews regarding an application.

  • Do not take the poor reviews personally. The developers should remain calm and try to focus their attention on the problem that the user highlighted in the review. The developer should discover the real problem and try to fix it in the updates of the app.
  • The problem that is highlighted in the review should be acknowledged properly. If the app caused a bad experience for the user, then the development team should apologize to the user and assure that everything will be done to fix the problem. Sometimes, showing to the user that you understand their problems greatly impacts the success of the application.
  • The development team should act very quickly to resolve any problems or issues that are highlighted by the user reviews. All the issues should be resolved and the user should get better results the next time they use the application.
  • The app should be updated regularly. Every update should improve the app in some way and should remove and fix the bugs. The user should be informed about every improvement and update regarding the application.
  • Bad reviews should be considered as a good opportunity to improve the app. The customer experience should be enhanced after the updates and the application must meet the needs of the users.


Good reviews lead to higher revenue and building trust among the target audience. You can see UseViral reviews to get the vibe of the targeted audience. Positive reviews make the app visible over the Android marketplace. An application should conform to the requirements and must work correctly at all times. The graphical user interface of the app must be very captivating, and the application should include unique features to stay ahead among the competition on the play store. Negative feedback should not be taken personally. You want to also be exploiting the good reviews that you have already received. To get positive app reviews you need to be enticing people that have expressed good views on your app to publicly announce their love for your work.