7 Ways to Get Android App Downloads Instantly

It’s always a pleasurable experience when you are finishing up your app development processes, and the app is just ready to be published. You are planning to have a lot of user engagement and downloads once the app is placed on an app store, suppose the Google Play Store. You are confident with what you have made will be loved by the audience.

All the set up seems reasonable, but you might be forgetting a really crucial element that can actually label your app as a successful or unsuccessful one. That is, how you can get Android app downloads effectively? The audience is not going to download it as simply as you might be thinking.

Even if your app is one of the most robust and useful apps in the world, it may not be downloaded from the Play Store. If you have not planned for its marketing strategies, it is not going to pay you back what you deserve. Developing an Android app is challenging in each step, but if you plan your app well from the first day, you are not going to be in any trouble.

One of your primary goals should be to get Android app downloads as much as possible. Getting downloads to have a lot of factors behind it, and we are going to discuss each and everything about it. From the question of why you are not getting them as you deserve to, how can you get to your goals with effective strategies?

Why are you not Getting App Downloads?

It’s not simple to get downloads from any app store. There are a lot of factors that make it possible. Suppose your app idea is a unique one, and your app is also of high quality, what if it gets only less than a hundred downloads and it’s already the third month since you launched it.

That’s all because you have not been taking care of planning and marketing to get Android app downloads like never before. Generally, you will be good, but strong marketing strategies do not back it. Somehow, there are chances that your app may not be a good one. It may be under controversy or something else that badly affected its reputation.

If you were not getting enough downloads and worried about your app business success, then you should have to consider revising the app plan. It includes the marketing plan as well. There are some other factors you should look at before going to re-build your plan. These are as follows:

  • App Name
  • App Icon
  • Screenshots
  • App Description
  • App Ratings

There are strong chances that the name of your app is not what it should be. The name should represent what your app is about. For example, if you name your app “Currency Master,” no one is going to know whether your app is a currency conversion app or it is an app that has ancient currency pictures, etc.

The app icon is also an essential factor that can lead to lower app downloads. The icon should be exactly representing what your app is all about. It is recommended to use some catchy colors in your app’s icon to make it different and unique when compared to other apps on the market.

If you have added some bad quality screenshots in the provided area of your app’s Play Store profile, there are huge chances that your app gets ignored by the users. When it comes to the app description, it should be rich in quality-text, and conciseness is a must.

The overall ratings of your app on the Play Store plays a vital role in defining the users which app is the most quality-rich and admired. If your app is constantly going down when it comes to the app ratings, you should review the entire app marketing structure. Having good app ratings can build up your app reputation that eventually makes your entire app business fruitful.

How can you Get Android App Downloads Instantly?

When you set goals for your app’s success, make sure to add a healthy strategy to get Android app downloads with impactful actions. Since it is a huge task, the AppsGeyser team is here to help you out by these 7 ways to get Android app downloads instantly. Let’s head over to these exciting ways.

1. App Planning and Marketing

The very first step while you are just starting out your app development process is the app planning phase. You put every requirement, design constraints, and development plan of your app on a sheet of paper as well as the marketing strategy. Define your budget for each step, along with time and effort.

You should define your target audience and then a strategy. The strategy should consist of plans to market your app on the platforms they use. Marketing and planning are combined with each other in many ways, and you need to have them both.

Marketing revolves around your target audience; therefore, you need to take care of their values as well. If your app gets trending in the eyes of your audience, you are already on the path of success. Your goal to get Android app downloads will be accomplished within just a couple of days.

2. Website Banner

Website banners play an important role while advertising your app. If your website is enriched with an attractive banner that urges users to download your app, you will get a higher number of downloads. Although some website designs don’t allow a website banner, you can go for other options like a notification on the top of your site, etc.

The banner should represent your app as a great source to solve the problems of your users. You can also highlight one or many features on the banner to make it more catchy and engaging. The colors used by your website banner should be simple and elegant, but sometimes if it’s a game app or an entertainment app, you can use funky graphics and banners to match your app theme.

3. QR Code

This is the era of technology, and marketing is revolutionized as well. QR codes can be seen almost everywhere in today’s environment. From baby products to heavy machines, every object has been labeled with a QR code. Somehow, all of them represent marketing and promotions.

You should also consider adding a QR code to your website as well as social media channels to make the downloading process easier. Write a catchy line with the QR code to attract users to scan the code and then link it to your app on the Play Store.

4. Redirection Script on Website

Redirection is what the internet stands for as there is an entire web consisting of redirections and just redirections. You should consider adding the redirection script to your website as it is necessary to make the user app downloading process simpler and easier.

But, the redirection should not be a forced one or in a tone that imposes something on users. It can contain some attractive text and then a button to be the front end of this redirection. It should be noted that you have quite a few chances of attracting the users, so try to redirect your website or social media channels directly to your app. In this way, you can also get Android app downloads instantly.

5. External Marketing Campaign

Now you have done implementing all the marketing strategies to your app from writing a compelling app description to maintaining website banners. But, it is not sufficient without external marketing campaigns. These include paid advertisements as well.

You need to reach the target audience almost in every possible way and not to leave a gap between your marketing efforts and target audience. Your traditional marketing campaigns can make a huge difference when it comes to making your app eligible to be on the top of the Play Store. If you get to the top, there are massive chances for you to have the biggest number of app downloads.

6. Push Notifications

With the on-going updates in the Android platform, various innovations are filling the gaps between you and your audience. Such innovation is the push notifications on your Android device. If you use them to urge users to use your app or rate it on the Play Store, that will be one of the best strategies to get user’s feedback and strengthen your app ratings.

7. Social Media

Social media is a vast channel which can be used to engage the only interested audience. It’s a great way to promote your app, and user engagement is a must most of the time. Let’s suppose you have a game app, and your target audience is teens around the age number of 15. You can easily target them through social media.

Some social media channels like Facebook provides ease while marketing your app in a specified audience by automated tools. However, there are other famous channels as well.

In general, these are the proven ways to get Android app downloads instantly. Try not to miss any opportunity to engage your users and treat them in a friendly way. You cannot impose something on them, like telling them to download your app. It’s all about their needs, the quality and value you provide, and an effective marketing strategy.

Let us know about your experience of getting downloads. AppsGeyser is happy to help you throughout your app-making journey. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms and be in touch!