How To Set A Download Price For Android App

Set A Download Price For Android App

With the help of AppsGeyser, you have created an app from scratch. You have selected the right template and content for your app. But this is just one part of creating a successful app. The question is what benefits you can reap from your creation? How can you turn this mere app into something that can generate revenue for you? App making is not a big deal these days. Many platforms are offering hundreds of tools to assist the developers in their creation. You have dedicated a large amount of time and energy in creating an app. So when you have been giving so much to something you also expect to get something in return that pays off your hard work. You have spent so many resources in developing and marketing your app. So why would people just go and enjoy your creation? They should pay you for creating such a top-notch creation which they are getting amused with. For this purpose, you have to get your app monetized.

What is App Monetization?

App monetization must be your next step after creating an app. It is a way of making money from an app without actually charging for it. Because you have invested so much while creating an app so there must be some ways to get you a return on what you have spent. Mobile apps can make money through advertisements. Advertisements can be of many types like they can be native, banner ad, video ad, or push notification. In today’s era, app monetization is very crucial because it has become common to locate free apps at the time of installation. Paid marketing has now become important for the success of mobile apps. When there is a large number of apps on the App Store, paid marketing is a way to scale the distribution of your mobile app. The competition in app marketing is getting high. And developers are so aggressive in their marketing strategies.

Setting a price for your Android app

After knowing about this app monetization method, you must be daydreaming of becoming rich with your creation. But you must know nothing is easy. This is a way that can get you to profit but then this is not an easy way. Like you have worked hard for making your app, if not more than that you must put an equal amount of hard work in monetizing your app. Also with every step, you will become closer to your destiny. You need to be determined and know that your app is not going to make you rich over the night. But here is simple math to get you a glimpse of how much your app can earn for you. If every download will pay you $0.99, you can earn $999 with 1000 downloads. With this app monetization, you are going to earn money by sitting and doing absolutely nothing. This is a dream of thousands of people out there to earn by doing nothing. You are lucky enough to have this chance in your life and to live the dream which many people have dreamt of. But here again, is another thing you must know about, that is an app you are talking about and users generally do not always pay. Why would they even pay? For generating revenue you have to build your app’s reviews and for that, you need to have a strong base of audience.

How can you build your audience

There are many ways by which you can get the attention of users on your app. You must create an easy yet creative name for your app. This will help the users to remember your app. Select an appealing icon for your mobile app. It can influence several people and they will click on your app to see what it has to offer. Also, your icon should reveal the very purpose of your app. An irrelevant icon will prove to be worse for your app’s reputation and instead of getting reviews, you will lose your audience. When getting user’s attention is your only goal then you can achieve it using your websites and social media. Today every other person has access to social media and they can easily locate your app in their news feed. By advertising your app on social media you can easily increase your app downloads. These are a few ways to which you must stick for increasing your audience for the app.

How to use in-app ads:

While you are busy building your audience base and offering the free versions, in the meanwhile, you can generate profit by using many strategies. Once you are ready to monetize your app with in-app ads, there are few things that you should follow.

First, you must choose your Ad Network. Mobile Ad Networks act as an intermediary by connecting publishers with advertisers. Google’s AdMob is the biggest and most popular ad network. Ad Networks basically differ in their performance, in their targeting options as well as in their platforms. To get the best ad network for your business you need to ask yourself a few things:

  1. Who you want to reach by these ads?
  2. Where are they?
  3. What are your advertising goals?

After making yourself sure with the answers of the above question you can continue with the following monetization methods. Choose the right In-App Ad format:

Banner ads have another name which is called display advertising. Audience as well as developers are very familiar with this type of ad. Banner ads are typically text or images which are displayed at the top or bottom along with the app content. So while making your audience base strong you can make a profit by the use of banner ads.

Video Ads

If not banner ads, then you can opt for video ads. Video ads are the promotional clips that usually play at the start of the game or after the completion of the level. They will annoy the users if they start playing in the middle of the game. These can also be the means by which you can generate money for yourself.

Full Screen Ads

Interstitial ads are also sometimes called full-screen ads. Interstitial ads are basically the images and videos shown to the users during app transitions that are between the levels of a game. These sorts of ads get more clicks than other formats like banner ads.

Native Ads

Native advertisements are designed to look more like a normal content of your app. This makes them less annoying type of mobile advertising because they do not distract the users much. It is a good monetization strategy. If your app has feed than a native ad would be best. Because it will appear like the news entries. And with proper targeting, it will enhance the experience and provide the audience with relevant information.

Beside many ads networks there are some other monetization strategies which you can go for:

Push Notifications

For any monetization strategy, you need an audience. Push notifications not only help you in gaining the audience but also target the audience you are looking for. So gaining the main opt-in is an important step towards retaining the required audience on your mobile app. To know that why should anybody subscribe to your app you need to create a useful opt-in message. You must construct an opt-in message which explains the benefits that users will get if they subscribe to your push notification. Consider the audience’s needs and wants while constructing a message. Push notifications have now become the new gold mines. All you need to do is dig a little deeper and learn how to make the most out of it to expand and reach your audience.

Affiliate Pay per call links

Pay per call is one of the simplest ways through which you can earn money or make your app monetized. Whenever a number is called from an advertisement to your app you can earn. Affiliate companies are important in this respect. Because affiliate companies provide the publishers with all the essential tools and options. By selecting from those options you can get your app monetized. This is thought to be the best monetization strategy among many others

Direct Advertisement

If you are not using direct advertisement as a strategy to monetize your app, then you are missing out on something phenomenal. The direct advertisement has improved the communication level between the advertisers and the consumers. A lot of people do not want to download the app so what you can do is make your app free and utilize this in-app advertising.


You read this article to know how to monetize your android apps. We have provided you with several strategies that you can go to make your app a profit generator. Use these monetization strategies and wisely set a price for your app. Your app should be captivating enough for users to spend a fee for it.