10 Things to Introspect About your Mobile App Needs

10 Things to Introspect About your Mobile App Needs

With more upbeat choices and options around, mobile customers are at ease. They have the option to ditch your mobile apps over others (even without thinking for a sec). And if you lose your target users for the first time, most of the time, you may not hear from them for the second time.

Whenever you are fabricating a mobile app, don’t just make it with an intent to “make and publish it”. Make it with an intent to expand its reach right from the launch level and infuse all components within it that can rightly meet the pain points of users. Thinking how to do that? You need to start contemplating certain factors or questions before planning your next big mobile app project.

Here in the following article, we will study about 10 things or questions that you must deeply interrogate and find answers to — within yourself, with your stakeholders, your business team, your funding partners, app developer companies, and anyone else whose opinion matters on launching a standout mobile app for your business.

10 Things to Ask Yourself Before Starting the Next Mobile App Project

1. What is the end-goal of your mobile app?

What is the end-goal of your mobile app?

Launching an app without a clear goal, in the end, will cost you & land you in a trap of re-thinking & re-designing. Instead, ask yourself, your team about your app’s aim, identify — is it to draw revenue, increase session time, to inform, to get in app monetization, to gain more downloads or all?

Your success from the app is directly proportional to the strategic thinking you add during the procedure to make it. Sit with your investors or team to identify and chalk down the end-success you would expect your app to bring for your business. You can pin in multiple end-goals as long as they are feasible for your business to achieve.

You wouldn’t want to make an app that doesn’t meet your expectations in the first place right?

2. How do you see your app’s user experience and expectations as?

How do you see your app’s user experience and expectations as?

Creating a standout app is just not about creating it tenfold better than your competitors, it is also about seeing how well it is justifying to the needs of your potential customers. You need to introspect first on what user experience from app design, content, your viewers expect from your app? How will it help them in distilling their choices, purchase decisions, problem statements from app usability and functionality?

Work on some ideas that are irresistible and purposeful for your users. Think about how to go about app design and architecture that’s unique yet relatable to your users’ needs.

3. What features & functionality do you want to incorporate into your app?

What features & functionality do you want to incorporate into your app?

Decide on what features & functionality of your mobile app is very important. As apart from just colorful themes and content, visitors expect it to have usable features & functions.

Think what actions you want your users to take when they visit your application:

  • If it is to have lead inquiries – Then add effective lead forms, newsletter subscription widgets, signup options, or more.
  • If it is to have social media shareability – Add some social media widgets & icons.
  • If it is to increase in-app purchases – Add some features & functions that promote in app monetization.
  • If it is making them buy the product – Add a smooth shopping navigation interface with clear buttons to buy & process their needs until complete checkout.

It is totally up to you what actions/activities you want users to have on your app. Think of all the possible functions & features now as this will let you have clarity when your mobile app project commences.

4. What branded look and feel you want your app to deliver?

What branded look and feel you want your app to deliver?

To be recognized as authentic and genuine, your app should reflect some branded look and feel to the users. Hunt for what brand guidelines, digital properties you would want your app to tap at. Have clear conscience about what kind of look and feel will elevate your app’s marketability on app stores or play stores and make users stay continued with the app’s usage.

From app icon to header images to background to app design, consider everything in a way that your product sounds branded, reliant, and relatable to both your business needs and users’ trust & experiences.

5. Who will be your app’s target audience or users?

Who will be your app’s target audience or users?

Every app you see on the internet is made either to solve an existing problem (AC repair services)  or a hypothetical problem (car servicing) for certain user groups.

Understand, not all users are bound to fall into your target customer category, neither can your app help every users’ pain points.

Know who your actual visitors or buyers are on the basis of their demographics, buying interests, geographic location, hardware, or phone type. Because when you know whom you have to target, you will have better success at meeting the right customer retention and revenue generation.

6. What can make your mobile app different from your users?

All thanks to competition, users have a close escape now, they can easily change their minds & route towards the platforms that are best at solving their primitive to complex problems — in an effective timeline, limited cost bandwidth, and with unique user experience.

What can make your mobile app different from your users?

If you are starting out just today, you will definitely have a competition already waiting around to knock you off the ring (as soon you make a debut to the app world). So what to be done to survive or more than just survive? You have to learn to win the trust of users, you have to weave a unique value that sets you apart from those competitors.

Go an edge ahead and think of adding something that nobody else thought of — it may be around the design app, widgets or features, content tone, clickable buttons, pop-ups, and everything else you feel.

7. Which platform is best to launch your app at?

Which platform is best to launch your app at?

Before you approach app developer companies and their app developer for android or iOS, have clarity about what specific OS platforms you are willing to target.

You need to decide on which type of platform (Android, iOS, Windows) compatible app you would be interested in having engineered. Because having clarity about this can actually save you from plentifully spending dollars and help get the perfect competitive edge.

Decide this dilemma via combining different factors at play like — competitors, target users & their types of devices, market features, your project’s short-run and long-run aim, budget, and so much more.

You can either have native apps for iOS or Android or a cross-platform app — after analyzing deeply all the factors at play!

8. What are your mobile app project’s timeline and budget expectations?

Building an application is no different than constructing a duplex. You will need to allocate certain time and costs. If you don’t set such a bar, it can even cost you years and huge dollars to build that custom app.

What are your mobile app project’s timeline and budget expectations?

Forecast a feasible budget and delivery timeline and communicate it to your team at a mobile app development company. Have financial analysis of your project, sit with your team, and jot down the total budget as to the timeline you are willing to go with.

Whatever expectations you are having, make a blueprint of all features, allocated budget, delivery deadlines — to send it over to your mobile app design team.

And — Leave a room for being a little flexible in altering your expectations because they can crumble a little when you start your project. Like there could be some unforeseen events and since you will be paying developers for their unique & specialized efforts to get you the best project — that best outturn may take small to big-time & budget extension.

9. What would be yours in app monetization strategy?

What would be yours in app monetization strategy?

Introspect and analyze what revenue generation model would you like to go for, to earn great returns. Recognize would it be a subscription-based model, in-app purchases, fixed price, or a blend of all?

If you want to depend on ads to get your returns, look for what kinds of ads are there and which one can actually help you get the best returns.

Contemplating the in app monetization strategies would let you pre-decide what kind of revenue features to add to the app and keep your money-centric business flowing.

10. Most important and last question “who will take charge of the project”?

In businesses, conflicts are uninvited, especially related to having a say in decision making & ownership of things.

Who will take charge of the project?

Before you approach the app developer companies and their app developer for Android or iOS experts, it is crucial for you to decide who will be responsible for handling such a project, its ownership, engineering process, and management routines.

Allocate an in charge who will have a say in the app’s decision making, throughout the app’s engineering process, pre-launch or post-launch.

Final Takeaway!

Hope the above 10 questions help you evaluate the best requirements on your upcoming mobile app project with a mobile app developer for Android or iOS. It is important to look for these questions within yourself before approaching the app developer companies or app developer for Android or iOS.

You should have much clarity on what app design or overall application you need for your business because without counting on what you need, you will fail sooner or later (ouch, sorry that’s hurtful!)

You can have answers to these questions on a single paper or on an average novel size booklet. What matters is, you should readily investigate answers to these questions to create a prodigy product for you and your invaluable customers.

And once done finding answers to these questions, quickly make an appointment with your professional mobile app development company to make that product’s expectations turn into a real mobile app!