X best places to study computer science


Global development reaches its peak after the invention of technology. The computer is the tremendous achievement of technology that brought the world to a high level. People did not pay attention to get a degree in computer science 2 decades ago. But now a huge number of students have a dream to study computers as a major subject. The computer took a huge place in offices, schools, universities, banks, in short, all fields of life.

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Due to the increasing scope of studies, there are also more job facilities for computer specialists. This profession shows more employment rate as compared to other fields. According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate of digital designers and web developers from 2019 to 2029 will increase by 8 percent.

Scope of computer degree

The field of computer and information technology earns a huge place as a versatile career. Web development, network architecture, software engineering, and programmer are the major careers of computer science.

We pick a list of brilliant institutes that are contributing their huge part in the development of commuter and information technology. The students who are keenly looking for an institute to get a computer degree, scroll this article down and get their desired information.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The institute has a leading role in education and STEM research. It is a world-known university due to successfully running computer science programs. MIT allows students to associate computer fields with other degrees like economics, electrical engineering, data science, and engineering.

Stanford University

Stanford University is prominent in providing foundational and conceptual education in mathematical computation and programming. Various courses in computer sciences are studied in this university. Students can get specialization in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, biocomputation, and software theory. Jaffrey Ullman is a graduate of Stanford University who won the Turing Award in computer science in 2021. This award is equal to the Nobel Prize.

University of California Berkeley

The University of California offers degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. These two programs continuously won a top-ranking place in worldwide universities. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for a student to be declared a computer degree holder. The institute also offers optional projects of lab research to undergraduates that can be helpful for a bright career.

University of Melbourne

The university has the honor of creating the first computer in Australia in 1956. Melbourne College offers a bachelor’s degree in computing. Computing uses associative approaches in the field of computer science and design. Spatial systems, urban planning, and graphic designing are the major subjects offered by the electric program.

University of Sydney

It is considered a research leader in different fields of technology and computer science like bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The university is located in Sydney. There are different undergraduate and graduate, and postgraduate programs running in university. Students can enrol in software development, computational data science, and computer science.

University of Toronto

Toronto Institute added a bachelor’s degree in computer science to its three different campuses. These campuses are located in Scarborough, St. George, and Mississauga. Students will find it hard or impossible to qualify for enrollment if they are weak in English, calculus, and advanced functions. They end their program with a strong learning experience under the guidelines of professional teachers. 

University of Waterloo

The University earns great honor due to running a successful computer science institute. It is offering a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The students have the opportunity to enroll in the regular program. The university also allows a co-op program that secures the 2 years paid experience of students when they complete their graduation.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The Hong Kong University was first established in 1991 in Clear Water Bay Peninsula, Hong Kong. It has a prominent place in universities due to computer science degrees. The key offer of this university is a dual degree opportunity. For example, the students can get a dual degree in computer science while getting a bachelor’s degree in business. Students studying their last semesters can do internships for a summer duration or a whole year.  

National University of Singapore

Singapore University is continuously ranking as the best educational organization that provides the best offers for computer science. Students can learn computers at the postgraduate, graduate, and undergraduate levels. The degree holders of the National University of Singapore can choose the career of software engineering, data management, engineering, artificial intelligence, and robotics. 


KAIST is an engineering school providing quality education to its students. The South Korean institute also welcomed students from abroad. The institute offers computer degrees for graduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs. The main feature of the education in KAIST is that the students came out with other specializations along with their major computer subjects. The devoted trainers trained the students in web technology, android software, and information security. These specialized skills let the students ready to face the world with high competition. Foreigner students can also get an internship.