More Icon Choices for AppsGeyser Android App Tabs

Adding tabs to an app is a really great way to add more capabilities without confusing customers. Sometimes, though, it’s not clear what a tab is for. AppsGeyser originally gave our app-makers a rather small number of possible tab icons, because we weren’t sure if people needed more, and we didn’t want to overwhelm you.

It’s come to our attention that our app-makers really need more options, so we’ve been up all night drawing furiously to bring you over 1300 icons for your Android app tabs. We realized that might be a little TOO much choice, so we’ve divided them into 31 categories, including Greek letters, English letters, Christmas, Countries & Regions, Food, Play, Medical, Music, Nature, Navigation, and News.

choose the tab icon category in your Android app

All you have to do to get one of these great new icons on your app is:

  1. Go to your AppsGeyser Dashboard
  2. Go to the Edit Tab
  3. Select Tabs
  4. Select the edit button (which looks like a pencil on paper) next to the tab you want to change.
  5. Go to Choose Your Icon
  6. Mark off the Choose Icons option
  7.  Select your Category and Icon
  8. Submit

Choose the icon picture for your AppsGeyser Android app


Enjoy, and be sure to tell us which icons are your favorite!