Meet the AppsGeyser

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Today we are privately launching a new web platform for creating Android Apps – AppsGeyser. Creating Android Apps has never been easier. With AppsGeyser, you can turn any web content into an App in two simple steps. Now, if you have a website, you can create an Android App on the fly from any content block of your website or from your web widget.

With the help of AppsGeyser, you get access to millions of Android OS users, gaining traffic and attracting loyal visitors. Your App allows the mobile audience easier access to your services and information.

We decided to offer AppsGeyser on Android devices since it is the fastest growing mobile device segment in the marketplace. And we’ve made it easy for webmasters to convert any existing web content into an App based on a user’s preferences in just two steps…and that app is used on any mobile device running on Android OS.

The cost? AppsGeyser is free, but you can also make money with a free product!  AppsGeyser pays webmasters and online businesses money for using AppsGeyser since they earn money every time someone clicks on ads within an app. Try it out and see how easy it is to create mobile apps for Android!