Best BTC Wallet App: Trustee Wallet Review

To jump into cryptocurrency matters quickly, one looks for an app with simple and clean controls, active customer support, and essential features.

There is a discovery of a year that we are proud to share: Trustee Wallet mobile app for iOS and Android. Exactly what starters and seasoned users alike need.

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet is a Must in the World of Web 3.0

The interest towards cryptocurrencies is ever rising. Hundreds of new coins and blockchain networks appear day by day, but Bitcoin is not getting old. It is about time to educate oneself on Web 3.0 and decentralize finance; picking the best anonymous bitcoin wallet is a part of the process, and we are ready to do it.

The Trustee anonymous bitcoin wallet cares about user privacy indeed: displaying the source code of their app is the first most important measure to ensure transparency and safety. The other developers can review and verify the app’s code, but how about ordinary users? There is no need to use any profound tool to make sure that Trustee Wallet is credible.

At the stage of installation, a user is asked to approve the access permissions. Obviously, the Trustee Wallet app collects no personal data on the background. Any data it needs to function at full scale (for example, credit card details or FaceID) is entered by a user voluntarily.

Why disclose your credit card details, you might ask, are they not traceable? There would be no way to cash out crypto or buy it with local fiat money if one hadn’t linked their card to the app. However, all crypto-to-crypto swap operations would be available. This is how one would use this bitcoin wallet app in stealth mode. By the way, Trustee collects no extra fees for providing the crypto swap aggregation and comparison service.

That’s right, Trustee provides a single entry point to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges online, still allowing you to stay under the radar. It is a perfect anonymous bitcoin wallet app and it works just as well to trade, send, and receive more than 20 must-have coins. More than enough for everyday use.

Buy Bitcoin Online with Trustee Wallet

Speaking of the credit card purchases of bitcoin, Trustee adds a nice touch of care for their customers.

As a multi-coin wallet, it spares its users the necessity to run numerous desktop applications for different coins. There used to be a misconception that a full Bitcoin ledger copy is required to own BTC and perform transactions. Not every user can afford to allocate more than 300 GB for that purpose; besides, the network is developed enough to be independent from the contributions of individual users.

To buy bitcoin with a credit card, a user has to pass through a series of simple steps.

  • Download and install the app.
  • Bitcoin is one of the default assets in the wallet. To buy bitcoin online, open the Trustee swap and select the asset you offer in return. Any pair that trades at the connected online exchanges at the moment, will be available right in the app, however, to specifically buy bitcoin with credit card, consult the Trustee’s comprehensive guide.

The best available deal on the list will be highlighted. This way, users either save money or make money, depending on the point of view.

And we didn’t even mention the earning options that Trustee comes with right out of the box.

Why would you buy BTC with a credit card in the first place? Quite a number of stores in your vicinity might accept it as payment. Bitcoin is still seen as an investment: despite the dips in price and volatility in general it always historically recovered its price. The past performance indicates that Bitcoin has the potential of breaching it’s previous all-time high and settling at more than $150,000 per coin eventually. The most optimistic predictions set the mark of $500,000 sometime by the end of 2024.

Why You Need to Choose Trustee Wallet – Best Bitcoin Wallet App

Probably the best part about Trustee Wallet is the range of earning possibilities it offers.

The three-level referral program alone will make up for a solid source of income if you are industrious enough. Then there is cashback, too.

Why not passively receive some free coins every once in a while?

Advanced users would be delighted to gain access to DeFi tools (via WalletConnect) and staking. Any moment, when you need to cash out and the accumulated amount is sufficient, the funds can be as easily sold for fiat money. It will land on your credit card.

Not so many wallet apps boast the features that Trustee has. They either cease your private keys or excessively collect usage metrics. Either way, there is a major setback that makes you reconsider your wallet app choice – so you better choose the appropriate one right away.