Niche Apps Yield Big Results – AppsGeyser Android App Review

AppsGeyser provides a range of app making tools for app makers and listen to their customers suggestions. Earlier on this year, in 2012, the idea of creating a niche app tool was raised up by one of our customers. A niche app is an app that combines five app tools in the same app tool template. This customer wanted to include a range of features in their app and their request was granted.

android app review

The app idea

AutoCad Drawings  was one app created from AppsGeyser’s new app tool and has had between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads this year alone. The idea behind this app was to create an app for architects that would provide an on the spot collection of AutoCad drawings that could be used freely. From experience he app maker learnt that there are many times an architech is onsite with a client and needs quick access to AutoCad drawings. Until now the drawings had been available on the app maker’s website, but he felt there was a need to make the website more accessible and started he mission to create an Android app.

How was the app created?

The HTML based website that the app creator had previously created collated a range of technical drawings. This website URL was added to the niche app template and used as the app’s opening page. In addition to the architectural drawings, this app maker decided that the next important step in interior design is to purchase the goods. The following two tabs used in this niche app have been used to connect to two well-known stores. One of the stores is Amazon and the second being a more localized homestyle store.

Why was the app successful?

The collation of the technical and shopping information on one app made this app a success. This app covers the two main points required for interior design, the style and the purchasing. In order to keep the information relevant this app is regularly updated in GooglePlay.

App name – For optimizing the chances of your app being found in an app store search the name must be clear, concise and relevant to the topic. The app name for this app most definitely defines this app without any confusion.

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keyword analysis

App description and Screenshots – The description is brief and explains what the app is about and why it was created. The screenshots clearly highlight what the user should expect when downloading this app. This is important because your Google ratings will decrease if the ratio of deletion to downloads is high.

android app review

App network – Creating a family of apps allows you to promote all your range. The other important reason to have a family of app is because it increases loyalty to your brand and trust in your brand. Someone that have more than one app is perceived to have more knowledge and is therefore more trusted. Have a look at the range of apps this app maker has:

Location based –  This app maker has enhanced their audience reach by creating apps that are translated into different languages and are relevant to local areas. By reaching to a varied market the app will be relevant to many more people and will increase the download rate.

Revenue potential:

AdMob: AppsGeyser consistently recommends the use of AdMOB Ads as an affiliate ad company. Earning potential can generate on average 1 US$ per 1000 impressions. It is not possible for use to know how many impressions any app is generating precisely, but we can estimate the amount of time a user is likely to spend on the app and from this estimate the number of impressions we believe this app will get per download. We estimate that there are a minimum of 10 impressions per download.  With have achieve well over 100,000 downloads, using this calculation, we can estimate that this app has seen at least 1,000,000 impressions and earned at least $1,000 in ad revenue alone.

Product sales: This app maker is selling some of their Autocad drawings for a fee, this will be their main source of revenue. Even if only 1% of downloads have resulted in a sale, they would have achieved on this estimate over 1000 sales.


Premium app: We would suggest that the app maker creates a mother app, this has premium content. This premium content would only be available on the upgraded app and could be downloaded immediately via GooglePlay and not from their website.

We would love to see your app. Maybe you would like us to review it and give you some tips too. Publish it on our facebook page and you never know, we may choose your app for our next Android app review.