7 Must-Have Apps When Working from Home

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Since employers initially started making changes on working arrangements during the pandemic, more Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses has emerged.  

The shift was needed, and this need became increasingly apparent over time. Individuals and businesses alike had to adjust to remote work and meetings. 

They also had to make sure that they had the right set-up at home to optimize their work performance.  

Without access to face-to-face meetings, physical timecards, and other on-site work-related items, managers have become increasingly focused on employee productivity and time management skills, albeit via less traditional methods. 

This move was not limited to the employers only. Employees have also started to look for tools to improve their productivity and organize their work from home. 

If you are one of the modern professionals looking for more ways to improve your performance while you work from your home, you may want to consider exploring some apps below. 

Grammar Checker

A quick search on the Chrome Web Store will reveal plenty of plug-in choices available to help with your writing process, both free and paid, and we’re only talking about the Chrome web store. 

There are many more options out there when you include the services provided exclusively via their websites or software. 

Even the most seasoned social media content writers and other similarly home-based professionals can miss a few errors here and there. 

This makes a grammar checking app or tool useful for everyone who needs to provide any write-ups for their job. 

Some of these grammar tools provide the options to check if your article is more persuasive than factual, while others let you check if you’re using Australian or American English.  

Just choose the option which matches your needs and budget best. 

Online Invoicing Tool

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to create invoices online instead of sending your clients a physical bill.

One of the great reasons to start is the benefit of storing these online invoices. With a proper naming system, you’ll be able to find the invoice you’re looking for with just a simple search.  

The features that come with the online invoicing systems are becoming more sophisticated. You can add your logo and business details and choose from several available templates. 

Some invoicing tools would also allow you to email the invoice directly to your customers after you’ve made changes to the templates. All you’d have to do is edit, download, and email an itemized bill to your clients. 

An online invoicing tool will also benefit freelancers who need to produce invoices for their clients and keep a record of their earnings, so if you haven’t started tracking your invoices online yet, it’s time to start. 

Team Communication App

It’s so easy to lose track of your work-life balance when you’re working from home, and it gets even trickier when your employers contact you and leave you messages across various platforms. 

The shift to a home-based job is the best time to switch from personal messaging apps such as WhatsApp, LINE, and Facebook Messenger to a team – or collaboration-based communication app. 

A communication app exclusive for work purposes will keep your team communication all in one platform. 

These apps also provide options to schedule meetings, send files, and track project progress, making it a more productive choice than your personal messaging apps. 

Some apps also allow you to add statuses to your profile, just like you would with a social media platform. 

So, if you’re on leave, the other person messaging you will know about it while they’re typing their messages to you. 

Of course, we also can’t forget about the group chat and group conference functions. Most team communication apps already have these functions integrated within their system too. 

One good Tool Recommendation would be Aritic Swarm. An Instant Messaging Tool for internal company collaborations. Aritic Swarm takes team collaboration to the next level with an encrypted secure messaging option.

Shared Team Drive

Having a cloud drive like Internxt to organize your digital assets means that you can share them with your team anytime, making working on projects together with a breeze. 

Cloud drives are beneficial for designers, video editors, and other creative roles to upload and access amended design assets and final designs. 

When new file versions are uploaded into your cloud drive, these changes are live and can be used immediately. 

For example, these drives are a much better improvement than emailing new versions back and forth.  

Of course, these cloud storage options are scalable, and you can purchase any subscriptions as per your needs.  

If you’re working in an agency, you can also open new shared folders for your team and your clients and have it configured so that they can only see what is within the shared drives and nothing else. 

Your clients will be able to view their files anytime they want, making the collaboration and feedback loop much more seamless.  

One-Stop Dashboard

If you’re handling multiple projects and need to keep track of your progress for end-of-year key performance indicators (KPIs), then a job tracking dashboard app would be helpful. 

With these dashboards, you can input your project deadline, sub-tasks, the progress or project status, and links to the completed files. 

Some dashboards also allow you to attach the working files to the dashboard itself, but this feature could be priced higher than their more affordable counterparts. 

You can also sort your projects by deadlines, status, project ownership, and other criteria. So, when that end-of-year review comes up, you need to create a filtered view to track your projects and everything that you’ve done that year. 

Designing Tools

Let’s face it – adding an image or two into articles just like this one would make it much friendlier to read than a wall of text. 

Embellishing event banners, website headers, and accompanying graphics for your online posts will make them much more attention-grabbing.  

You can do this easily using design apps that come with templates galore. These apps are perfect for when your designer is unavailable and you urgently need an image.

All you have to do is edit the templates with your content and images if needed, then download the file in your preferred format and use it.  

Virtual Meeting Platform

Yes, Zoom and Google Meet count. However, there are now interactive virtual offices available for businesses. 

Some virtual office platforms available online already provide different office settings with accompanying features. 

For example, the marketing team can ‘walk’ their avatars to a meeting room where they can talk to each other with a whiteboard feature, while everyone outside the space will not be able to hear them or see their discussion. 

That’s what we call bringing an offline experience online.

Final Thoughts

The goal of all organizations and freelancers is to increase productivity. Apps are the tools that help us work smarter, not harder.

They enable remote workers, both management and staff, to realize the full benefits of working remotely, improve connectivity and efficiency, reduce stress, better manage business expenses and help maintain a healthy work-life balance.