How to Buy Real Telegram Members for Your Channel: Video

Watch this plain step-by-step instruction and increase your Telegram channel in a couple of clicks. No fakes, no bots. Add real Teleram members from any country of the world (USA, India, Iran, Pakistan, Singapore, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cambodia, Africa, Asia, Europe). Buy Telegram members, it’s really simple!

Today we are going to show you how to buy real Telegram members to your Telegram account. No bots, no fakes, 100 per cent real people from almost any country of the world – just in few clicks and a couple of hours there’ll be there. And it’s real simple.

Things You Need Before Buying Telegram Members

So, let’s see how it works. Please, make sure you’ve got three things ready before we start:

  1. A stable Internet connection
  2. A valid Telegram channel with all the necessary data properly filled in. Add a photo, a short description and at least several posts targeted at your audience if you still haven’t done this – your channel shouldn’t look blank. Here we’ve got a channel with 8 390 subscribers, and we are going to buy 1000 followers to it. Mind that you have to download and install Telegram on your desctop if you are using your computer
  3. A valid payment method. Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, crypto – choose the best for you

Instruction on Buying Telegram Members

We are going to get the members for our channel at Please use the direct link to access the page or just type “buy telegram members” in Google search line and click on the Appsgeyser link or use the Appsgeyser bot.

Click on the Appsgeyser link in Google search results

Appsgeyser offers you a number of packages starting from just $20 per 1000 members which makes it a nice price, doesn’t it? Here we are. Click on the GET REAL MEMBERS button and switch on to Telegram where we press START to initiate our communication with the bot.

The direct link to the bot is:

At this step you have to decide upon which package to choose:

  1. Country-targeted: real online members, real people who will see your posts and will be targeted by a certain country – and it’s only 20 bucks per 500;
  2. Worldwide members – real members, NO COUNTRY TARGETING, no Arabic members.

$20 per 1000 members. NO OTHER DISCOUNTS APPLY!

  1. Unlimited Worldwide real members – A monthly subscription for an unlimited amount of worldwide members
  2. Custom order – choose this button if you don’t know which offer suits you best, and our manager will help you place an order and get your Real Telegram members.

In our case, we choose the first package: 500 members for 20 dollars. We need 500 telegram members from India.

As you see, Appsgeyser offers discounts for bigger amounts of members. We need 500 users and press 500.
Now we must enter the link to our channel:

And choose the payment method. You can pay by Paypal, card, Bitcoin or TRON:

Confirm the order:

As we’ve done with that, we see the order confirmation: we have placed an order, the Appsgeyser managers will get in touch with us as soon as possible (practically, it won’t take longer than an hour if the order is placed within the working hours 4.30 am – 12.30 pm UTC time):

As we’ve done with the payment, chill out and have a time. It usually takes several hours to add real live members to an account.

Bingo! Our channel have increased in 500+ members!

Try it out on your own channel and see how it works! You might want to choose other packages – so go ahead! Get real telegram members on the fly! 

Use the direct link and don’t forget to like and share this video and subscribe to our channel!