Invoice Maker – Purpose of commercial invoice

Commercial invoices are paramount for worldwide trade and shipping. If you are engaged in exports or sell your goods internationally, having a solid industry-oriented export document template in place is a must. Prior to filling out this type of invoice for a new shipping destination, turn to professional support in terms of clarifying all the country-specific guidelines. 

During the completion process, it’s vital to ensure that your commercial invoice contains all the required information — and delivers it in the clearest and most straightforward form. In this post, we’ll cover the commercial invoice definition, as well as what it should include, and let you in on the basics of how to work it up. Stay tuned for further details. Don’t forget that Invoice Maker by Saldo Apps is your go-to destination for all things billing-related. 

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What is a commercial invoice for shipping?

It’s a required export document issued by the seller to the buyer that aids the cargo in getting through customs. This document functions as a legitimate agreement between the two parties and solid evidence of sale between the exporter and importer.

Сorrectly sorted out commercial invoices for export assist the officials in solving the tax issues and import obligations to your package in the fastest way possible. With that said, this contract aids you in avoiding shipment delays in the long run.

Contents of a commercial invoice

These documents must contain certain must-include elements. Some of the elements are optional but very effective in terms of the speed of getting your shipment through customs. 

What information is required on a customs invoice? Here are the major components of a solid export invoice:

  • order number;
  • total price;
  • reason for export;
  • payment currency;
  • transaction specificities;
  • details about your online platform;
  • details about the cargo;
  • freight forwarding agent;
  • insurance;
  • all the necessary dates and signatures.

You can choose any language for the document. However, if you’re shipping internationally, English is your best choice. Don’t forget to research the commercial invoice requirements in the recipient country — and make sure you fully comply.

Wondering how many copies of a commercial invoice are required? Usually, you are required to attach 3 copies of the document: 2 for the countries’ officials and 1 for the recipient.

How to create a commercial invoice

Designing and completing this type of document will hardly ever overwhelm you if you approach the issue wisely. However, it can be really labor-intensive and time-consuming if you attempt to do it under your own steam. To save your precious time, opt for a pre-designed template provided within our extensive database. Alternatively, utilize a high-quality digital toolkit for the purpose of generating a proper shipping invoice template for your needs.

So, if you’re still asking yourself ‘How to fill out a commercial invoice for international shipping?’, you’ve come to the right place. Our platform is your all-in-one solution for everything invoice-related.