3 Ways To Make An Android App More Usable

If I got $1 for every time someone said to me, my app is being downloaded hundreds of times, but my usage ratio is only at 2, I would be a very rich woman. It is time that I tell you the secrets of increasing your usage ratio, after all if you have taken the time to build an android app, your users should be using more than twice.

Research has shown us that only 16% of app are currently being used more than three times by app users, this means that these apps are not hitting the needs of the users and its time that we found out why.

Why is it important to increase usage ratio?

There are two reasons why it is important to increase your usage ratio:

1. Customer satisfaction – if your app is not being used by the user this means that you app is missing something, it is not useful to the app user and this is why they have failed to use it.

2. Money – That’s right, if your app isn’t being used, you will not make money from your app, affiliate advertising only makes money when apps are used and ads are seen, and private advertising may make you money initially, but once those advertising with you see that they aren’t getting referrals from you, they won’t renew their campaigns leaving you with no income.

How do you make an Android app user friendly?

1. Notifications/Alerts – you may have seen that AppsGeyser offers you the opportunity to send alerts to your users; this will gently remind them that your app exists, whether the app is used to notify them of a new deal, an app update, a competition, it doesn’t matter, the notification simply reminds the user that the app exists.

2. Social interaction – Get people talking about updates on the app, get those on your app to share information on their social networking profiles, this will again get people to remember your app exists and entice them to use the app

3. App Style – Have you really looked at your app with subjective eyes. Is it inviting? Are you images clear? Is your text laid out in an easy to read manner?  Appsgeyser has a huge range of templates that you can choose from, maybe the template you have chosen is not right for your audience?