4 Hidden Tips on Google Play Store Search Keywords

Google Play Store Keywords

You might be thinking about what the keyword means! Well, keywords are the specific words or phrases used to aid search engines in evaluating what your app is about. Search engines then place the app in an appropriate position on the search results according to the score it gives to the apps.

The same goes for the Google search as it works by analyzing the keywords from the app and its profile on the Play Store and places it with respect to a score. You would probably be thinking about how this score is measured? The thing is, Google and other search engines, as well as the app store engines, don’t reveal that entirely.

If they let business owners know about all the calculations and considerations, it can break the lifecycle of actual good content and a tricked content. Therefore, to overcome this issue, search engines don’t reveal their algorithm, which evaluates search standings.

To cop up with this issue, we do an analysis of each factor impacting the app market standings. Therefore, we have come up with these 4 hidden tips on Google Play Store search keywords to help you find and use the most appropriate and effective keywords in your app and its listing.

Sometimes, this analysis takes a long time, but it is always better to spend time analyzing the factors and getting your targeted keywords. It one of the earliest tasks you should do even before your app is development ready.

It would be best if your content revolves around those keywords but try to maintain the natural language as much as possible. You should include those keywords within your app, as well as your app’s name and its description on the app stores.

What is the Significance of Search Keywords?

Having a great plan for Google Play Store search keywords is essential. Google Play Store app standings primarily depend upon your used keywords. If you use the most appropriate and well-researched keywords, there is no chance for your competitors to be on top of you.

Suppose a user searches for a Media Player app in the Google Play Store. There will be a list of apps in the results that the Play Store will show, and now it’s the user’s turn to select an app. Research shows that most users go for the apps which have higher standings. If your app stands at the number 25, there are a lot of few chances for you as compared to the apps on the first ten standings.

This is all due to the research and proper usage of keywords in apps. Your keywords should also be aligned with the context of your app. Of course, you cannot use keywords of a trending photo editor app in your video playing app. It would be best if you focus on your niche while looking up for the keywords.

Many app businesses do have an entire specialized team just to do research and get the most appropriate keywords for their apps. But, you don’t need to worry about anything because we are here to help you out in the entire process of Google Play Store search keywords. Our expert keyword research team has provided some most essential and proven tips to get you to win this competition as well.

Tips on Google Play Store Search Keywords

Searching keywords is a challenging task, but with attention to details, analysis of niche-related keywords, and focus towards your app goals can make it quite easier. It’s not like you just sit and start thinking keywords by yourself.

Let’s define this concept with more detail through an example. Suppose, if your app is related to providing fitness tips, you will not write “fitness tips” on a page, but entire keyword research is required. You need to analyze the nature of your app and then extract the keywords which you think your app users can use while searching for you.

To learn these concepts in more detail, let’s have a look at these 4 proven tips by AppsGeyser for Google Play Store search keywords and how to make the most out of it.

1. Analyze Competitor Keywords

All of your competitors are thinking about bringing something innovative in their app business. There is a consistent race between you and your competitors when it comes to being on top of the app charts on Google Play Store. The one who wins does always have a great app business strategy.

This app business strategy comes with comprehensive research on which keywords they should use in their app business. If you are thinking about how to start the keyword research process, analyzing competitor’s keywords could help a lot.

By going through various competitor apps, you will observe that they have something in common, and that’s what you should look for. Bringing all of those keywords onto the table should be your priority to be successful in this department.

You can be successful in placing your app on the top charts if you do the competitor analysis, extract keywords, and use appropriate ones smoothly. In this way, you can beat them and get the users who might have downloaded their apps if you won’t have done this. So, competitor’s keyword analysis is not only essential but a key step to starting your keyword research process.

2. Target Unique Keywords

After analyzing the competitor keywords and searching out keywords related to your app niche, you would probably have a list of keywords to consider. Now, these keywords are not the final list of your chosen ones, as you have to consider various other elements as well.

When app businesses choose a set of keywords to use them in their apps, there remain a few chances for others to succeed by targeting the same keywords. Therefore, you should always look for some keywords which have lower competition than others as you will have strong chances to bring your app at the top pages of a search.

There is a concept of targeting long-tail Google play store search keywords because only a specific audience is searching through those keywords. There is a great potential in those long-tail keywords if you implement them smoothly in your app as well as the Google Play Store’s description and app title.

3. Use Well Researched Keywords

If you just copy and paste some keywords from figuring out your competitor ones and use them in your app, it’s not going to work because there is already a lot of competition on them. You can use Google Trends, Google Analytics with keyword planner tool, and others to scale your research.

Using well-researched keywords can help you define what you can look for in the future as well with respect to Google Play Store search keywords. The selected keywords should be smoothly integrated with the text as our primary goal is to engage the users.

Somehow, many app businesses focus more on keyword usage and end up losing valuable users because, ultimately, the equation revolves around them. Search engines like Google Play Store just help users by showing the top results it gets according to their queries.

You should also consider users on the top and then the search engines. Let’s give you an example to explain this. Suppose if you have a puzzle game and you found a keyword “kids puzzle games” and trying to implement it in your app’s description. If you are trying to just add it in any of your sentences like this, “Our app can be played as kids puzzle games.” it’s a wrong approach.

Instead, “Our puzzle game is one of the best kids puzzle games.” It would be a smoother and nicer approach to implement this keyword. In this way, you can make both of them happy – the users and the Play Store.

4. Monitor Keyword’s Performance

Well done on doing comprehensive research and implementing the most appropriate keywords for your app. But what if your app rating is going down after just a couple of weeks since you implemented those keywords? Here comes the importance of consistently monitoring the Google Play Store search keywords.

Monitoring keyword’s performance is essential because the entire app performance on the app store depends upon it. You should always try to find new keywords to be replaced with the old ones as user trends change very frequently.

When the social trends change, everything is affected by it as well as your strategy to engage the audience. Eventually, you need a solid plan to monitor what your keywords are benefiting you.


It seems a complex task to work on Google Play Store search keywords, but with continuous efforts, research, and monitoring, you can convert it into an easy task. AppsGeyser has one of the leading mobile app solution providers on the market with experience of over a decade. Our expert team has brought these useful and tested tips to counter all of your keyword optimization problems.

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