Why Should you Build a Restaurant App? Restaurant App Builder

A Restaurant App Builder
A Restaurant App

The food delivery market has seen fast growth over the past 2 years.

During COVID-19 millions of people in lockdown ordered food online for the first time, and it is assumed that this surge in demand will last beyond the pandemic. During this time the introduction of restaurant delivery apps has helped restaurants to increase income and to stay connected with their customers.  

Ordering takeout has now become part of the consumer’s eating routine, so, it is now time for all restaurants, bars, and cafes to have their own food delivery app. In this article, we will analyze what is required for a restaurant to create its own food delivery app. 

A restaurant app should include functions such as a restaurant menu, an image gallery, news, restaurant location, social networks, table reservation, a shopping cart, and a checkout function that will allow users to purchase food online. In addition, the app should include push notifications to attract users, payment integration and an administrative section for app management. 

What other features can a high-quality restaurant app include?

Logging into social networks – This is an integral function of any application. This will allow the users to log in without creating a separate profile for the app.

  • Order history – This will enable users to simply click on previous orders and order the same thing again. 
  • Geolocation — The app will find the customer’s location and show them which restaurants are nearby.
  • Delivery tracking – This enables customers to see the progress of their orders.
  • SMS notification – Notifies customers when their orders are out for delivery, as well as when their order arrives in their location.
  • Payment gateways – Most people prefer paying with a credit card.
  • Ratings and reviews – Customers want to read what others are saying about the restaurant before trying it themselves.

Developing a restaurant app with complete functionalities will typically take 10 to 32 weeks and will cost from $1,000 to $50,000. This is a very large expense, but with the AppsGeyser restaurant app builder, even smaller restaurants with limited resources can create their own restaurant app for free in just a few minutes, and this does not require any coding. 

Simply follow the instructions in the template, and convert your restaurant website into an app today!