Gojek Clone App Development: Working, Benefits & Functionalities

The Gojek Clone KingX 2022 App combines over 82 different services into a single platform. Furthermore, the software is compatible with 25 different languages and currencies, including English and US dollars.

Who wants to clog up their phones with 10 different apps, taking up valuable storage space?  Gojek Clone App appears to be an excellent solution for everyday necessities and other services on the go.

This covers, among other things, Uber-style taxi booking services, taxi rentals, and motorbike rides and rentals. Grocery, food, pharmacy, water bottle, and other store-based deliveries are included in On-Demand delivery services. Parcel Delivery and On-Demand Services, which include handyman services, car washes, babysitters, dog walkers, physicians, lawyers, and others, are other major features of the All in One App.

In addition, the app now includes two new features: Service Bid and Online Video Consultation. These modules enable customers to plan a video session anytime they want for the services they want and to finish their work within their budget.

The Work Flow Of Gojek Clone 2022

  • The user will download and register with the app using Social media credentials, or Face ID/ Fingerprint ID.
  • Search and choose based on-demand delivery/services and schedule the bookings accordingly. 
  • The checkout process is easy and quick. To pay for the items in the cart, the users can use secured online payment modes like Credit/Debit, Wallet, or cash and that is all.
  • The notification will provide you with the information about the delivery/services and can be tracked on a real-time basis
  • Once the services/delivery is made the app asks for the feedback and ratings

Benefits Of Gojek Clone App Development

Offer multiple On-demand businesses under a single app

The Gojek clone offers over 82 on-demand services without the need for a separate app. A user can order a cab, on-demand delivery services, and other services from a list of options.

Instead of many service apps, your users will only have to run one Gojek Clone App.

It is a low-cost development

Although the Gojek Clone App allows for customization, it is less expensive than creating an app from scratch. It offers a host of benefits to business owners. Rather than creating separate apps for each on-demand service, you may easily offer a variety of services from a single app. It saves a lot of money and is beneficial to ambitious business owners.

It is time-effective

With the Gojek clone app, you can easily launch an on-demand multi-service app. Because the software is well-optimized, there are no bugs or problems to worry about. Instead, you may focus on improving your services and expanding your business.

Provides more scope to generate revenues

The Gojek clone app assists service providers in maximizing their revenue potential. Instead of offering only one sort of service or generating money from only one type of service, the service provider can offer a wider range of services and earn more money. When service providers earn more, the app owner earns more.

Customize features to attract more customers

Gojek App Clone is a White-label Solution that allows you to make modifications to your business requirements. Also, you can make changes as per your changing business trends. 

Exciting Novel Features Of Gojek Clone App 2022

Service Bid is the new addition to Gojek Clone 2022. The feature allows users to post their service-related requirements. The service providers of that particular area will bid for the requirement and based on their past work, best quotes, ratings, and feedback the user will close the deal.

Online video consultations are popular, they were given a key place in Gojek Clone 2022. Users are familiar with the tool, which allows them to click for an “Online Video Consultation.” The user will receive a confirmation from the service provider. The session will begin and terminate as scheduled, and an invoice will be created. Using the online payment gateway option, the user can make a safe payment.

Login using Face Id and Fingerprint

As new login options, Face ID for iPhone apps and Fingerprint for Android apps have been added. Users that use this type of login avoid having to remember passwords and usernames each time they log in.

Driver Reward feature

It’s a rewards program in which drivers gain levels and badges for providing outstanding service and completing more trips for customers. Drivers are granted rewards based on their level or badge.

New UI/UX of Sign in and Signup Process

Mobile number and OTP-based authentication are now part of the Sign in and Sign up the flow. This method eliminates the need to remember passwords and usernames. The new UI/UX for sign-in and sign-up flow focuses primarily on the mobile number and user’s mobile ID.

Back-to-back Trips

The driver can utilize this technology to get new ride requests while on the road. Accepting these back-to-back trips allows drivers to spend more time earning and less time waiting.

Country-wise different payment gateway support

This option comes in handy when a site owner has operations in multiple countries and has to enable local payment processing for that country’s banks.

Multiple credit card management

The Apps now allow users and vendors to manage multiple credit cards. They have the freedom to add and remove cards as they deem fit.

Video Call option in Taxi/Delivery/Services

The user and provider can communicate via video call in addition to phone calls and text chat.

Provider Image gallery with videos

Along with their images, service providers can now incorporate a video of their work in their profile. A vehicle washer, for example, can use video to demonstrate his car washing abilities. This method aids in generating brand awareness.

Buy Your Gojek Clone Script Solution

In the present market, the Gojek clone app is one of the most prominent on-demand multi-service app-based platforms. As a result, the majority of entrepreneurs want to buy their Gojek clone software from a reputable on-demand mobile app development firm.

If you’re looking for a Super App that functions like Gojek, partner with a White-Label On-Demand App Development Company. The app developer’s team will provide you with the customization, as well as the app owner’s logo and brand name all over it. Other significant enhancements include custom additions such as the integration of the app owner’s preferred local languages and the integration of their preferred local currency.

It is always a good idea to get your Gojek clone app from a reputable on-demand mobile app developer who has expertise in not just designing but also releasing apps on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Why You’ll Love Partnering It With Gojek Clone Mobile App Development?

  • In about 1-2 weeks, we’ll deliver fully white-labeled apps in your preferred language and currency.
  • The Apps will also have your preferred color, logo, and payment gateway.
  • Source Code with a Lifetime License will be supplied.
  • Before you make a purchase, you can test-drive and browse our DEMO Apps for as long as you wish.
  • Part-payment options are available – pay as you go.
  • Starting the next day after you go LIVE, you can start making money.

Gojek Clone 2022 App Development Cost

Be Prepared to Invest At Least 8 Years of Your Life When You Hire a Technical Team to Code a Sophisticated Super App. Because the first 3-4 years will be spent solely on completing the Working Model of the Prototype.

You must pay six-figure salaries to IT professionals with more than a decade of experience every month for the next eight years.  Add in the cost of infrastructure as well as the cost of software subscriptions for the IT team.

Thus, buying a White-label Gojek Solution makes sense as it is available at the fraction of the price compared to spending on the software to build from ground zero.

In Conclusion

The most straightforward path to success in this competitive climate is to build a brand and launch your own Super App. You’ll be tapping into the possibility to become a millionaire and conquer the whole market for on-demand multi-services mobile applications by choosing your Mobile App Development Partner. Discuss your app requirements with them and customize accordingly.

Get the Live Demo done today. Speak to the app representative and you’re your business plan to become rich rolling.