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Mobile app making is no longer time-consuming, expensive, or difficult. With the best web App Builder like AppsGeyser you can build mobile apps from scratch within a few minutes without any technical background. Online app builders have changed the market of the app development and made it more accessible to businesses, students, and individuals all over the world.

AppsGeyser Drag and Drop App Builder offers you an opportunity to learn how to build Android apps online. You can build a native Android app from scratch just by choosing one of the free app templates and filling the forms of the creation page with relevant content. To build your app with features you don’t need to understand the coding. AppsGeyser – is a free platform to build Android apps for free just by using the drag and drop constructor. AppsGeyser offers 30 free app templates for business or personal use: games, education, websites, social media, etc.  

10 Minutes to Build App

You can build an Android app without coding or any skills just in 10 minutes. You need to fill online app forms with relevant content for your future app.

Free To Use

There are no charges for building, downloading, and publishing Android apps with AppsGeyser. You don't have to pay to get access to your app and apk file. It's yours for free forever.​

Over 30 Templates

Build Android apps for your business, educational, or personal goals. The free app templates include a website, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, messenger, browser, video chat, quiz, coloring book, guidebook, and so much more.​

App Monetization

Monetize your Android app by showing banner advertising or adding in-app purchases. Follow web App Builder's free guides on how to set up and make the most from the app monetization.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your app with social media links: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and blog. Give app users instant access to your profiles and increase your subscribers.

Push Notifications

Send direct push notifications to your app users to remind them about your app, share updates, news and special offers.

Premium Features

If you need advanced features and settings for your Android app, you can subscribe to the premium plan and get full control over your app and profit even more.

App Analytics

Track your mobile app performance - usages, installs, and more. Analytics will give you insights for improving the app.

Live Support

Get help from the live support of the free App Builder. We take into consideration each request, so don't be afraid to send your questions!


Build an Android app in 3 simple steps

  • 1
    Choose the App Template
    Choose one of the free app templates relevant to your purposes. It can be a website, browser, messenger, video chat, game, or any other app. You can find all app templates on "Create Now' page of the AppsGeyser- Best App Builder.
  • 2
    Upload the App Content
    Upload the required app content to the online form - texts, links, images, icons. It's not hard. Follow the step-by-step guide to make it in less than 10 minutes. Fill the name of your app at the end.
  • 3
    Publish Your app
    It's ready! You can download your APK file right away and publish it on Google Play or any other Android app market like Amazon App Store. Share your mobile app with billions of Android users.



Over 5,000 new daily app makers with no tech background join AppsGeyser to build Android apps from scratch. 

1 mln
Apps Made

Over 10 mln Android apps were created on AppsGeyser since 2011. 


Apps created on AppsGeyser get over 800,000 daily installs on Google Play.

Benefits of building android apps with appsgeyser

build an android app in 10 minutes for beginners

AppGeyser is one of the leading and best Android app builders with over 10 million apps created to date. AppsGeyser offers easy visual template tools for app creators like drag and drop. The AppsGeyser allows to build Android apps with a few simple clicks. The app developers on AppsGeyser are encouraged to apps and distribute apps to the major Android app stores, including Google Play and Amazon. Users need no prior experience or background to build Android apps using the free and easy development tools. To experience how to build Android apps from scratch you need to choose an app template suitable for your purposes and follow the step-by-step guide and uploading an app content to drag and drop App Builder. Our users build apps for their existing businesses, for personal use, education and as a tool to make some extra money. 

Why AppsGeyser is the best App Builder? AppsGeyser’s Android app builder platform is made for you:

1. Fast App Development – If you wonder how long doest it take to build an app – it takes only 10 minutes! 10 minutes to build an Android app from scratch, do you imagine? The only preparation you need is to decide what app do you want to build.

2. Easy App Development – You don’t need to code or to understand how app design works. The apps are made by templates.  Just pick one of the templates and follow the steps. Even a 7 years old kid can create its own app with AppsGeyser!

3. Instant access to app – Apps built in real time and can be used immediately. You can not only start using your app right away, but sharing it on Android App Markets. 

4. App Distribution – Android apps are compatible with all popular Android markets including Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. You can publish your app on any existing app market for Android users!

5. Offline Capabilities – You can build Android app from online content – documents, texts, images, custom HTML code, etc. Users will have access to the app content without internet connection. 

6. Free push notifications – No need to pay for push notification even on a basic plan. Send direct messages to your users and increase usage app ratio for free!

AppGeyser WEB app BUILDER

build an android app for your own purpose

  • Business
    AppsGeyser has helped millions of people gain mobile access to businesses and services. AppsGeyser platform encourages the mobile business to migrate to a mobile market. Build a mobile app for your business: offline store, restaurant, marketing company, travel agency, eCommerce, real estate agency, trading or any other.
  • Education
    Build an educational app for students or teaching colleagues with quizzes, guidebooks, websites, ebook libraries, etc. Our best App Builder makes it easy for teachers and students to convert existing educational content into more engaging format.
  • Monetization
    AppsGeyser has an inbuilt monetization program that allows you to make money with a free product! Build a popular Android app with trendy keywords to make $1000 per month by showing banner ads. Maybe your messenger can become the next WhatsApp or Telegram?!
  • Fun & Entertainment
    Build apps and games just for your entertainment. Our web App Builder offers over 30 free-to-use templates for Android. You can make a video and music streaming app, wallpaper apps, coloring books, games for parties and friends, puzzles, etc.

Popular app templates

Build an Android app for free now, no need to pay!

DRAg and DRop App Builder Reviews

4,9 out 5 - by 2239 reviews

George Ventura

Amazing platform, very easy and intuitive. It has a lot of prebuilt templates for almost every scenario. Need a messaging app? Done. Need a game? Done. Need a specialized private company messaging app with real time voice and video calls? Yep it's here! The best part is that everything is free, with affordable plans that enable custom branding and white label . Over all very impressed. 5 Stars!

Sujoy Dhara

This is very good or Best platform for create a APP for beginner so i Also like this app.

Mochamad Faizal

amazing and very easy to create an application on appsgeyser. I never thought it would be as easy and as good as this application that I made in appsgeyser. hopefully more and more newbies who want to create applications on appsgeyser, there is no best word to describe Appsgeyser than perfect, and I highly recommend this appsgeyser.

appsgeyser premium review
Eneko Careaga Probanza

With appsgeyser not only can u make and app, u can make a empire.

appsgeyser premium review 5
Amit Kumar Gupta

I'm using appsGeyser: really useful, very simple and intuitive to use, everything is well explained. Appgeyser offers several opportunities to create your own app but already with the free package you can create complete and functional apps. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to approach the world of app creation. I absolutely give a 5-stars rating

appsgeyser premium review 4
Pedro Munhoz

One of the best platforms to create applications I have used, it is very worth it!

Dirk Leopold Feiler

Simply brilliant - I was really happy when I saw my first apps in the Google Play Sore today. A child of 5 years can really create an app here, really great - thanks for letting me join you! Here you can really only make an absolute recommendation!

    [fbrev page_name="AppsGeyser" page_id="167531533267957" page_access_token="EAAVVPjFKgSEBAPXhI1ooWeE3Opplc8nZBwf4L8OVVHFGle9XexXoZBLhNdLn3dd7NvZBRNVM7OfPw7MZC5vwFZBmJmdss5qkrzbAxtuZCbSHY7iivdSqRgMPc5uDT6f8Rh9ra0xVDbjYZByZCAacSdlZBhaTLDcMZB07ehfWSt21ZASZAQZDZD" pagination="5" text_size="120" centered=true lazy_load_img=true show_success_api=true open_link=true nofollow_link=true api_ratings_limit="500"]
    "Now AppsGeyser is turning app development into something that literally anyone can do" -

    Frequently asked questions

    What is App Builder?

    App Builder is an easy-to-use platform to make mobile apps without technical skills. You can develop apps online without coding just by using pre-made app templates.

    How to build an Android app?

    To build an Android app, you need to go to the App Builder website, choose on the app templates for your purposes, and follow the step-by-step guide on the development page.

    Is it free to buid a mobile app?

    Yes, with AppsGeyser's App Builder you can produce mobile apps for free. There are no charges for making, downloading, and sharing apps.

    How to build a mobile app without coding?

    To build a mobile app without coding, you need to open one of the free app templates, upload the app content, and name your app. It's that easy. Yes, with AppsGeyser's App Builder you can produce mobile apps for free. There are no charges for making, downloading, and sharing apps.

    Can I build an app for iOs on AppsGeyser?

    No. AppsGeyser offers app templates only for Android app development. The Android app market is the largest in the world. It's more popular than iOs. Plus, it's less expensive to publish apps on Android app stores. That's why we endorse you to build apps for Android, not iOs.

    Will you charge me for downloading an apk file?

    No, AppsGeyser doesn't charge for downloading apk files created with App Builder. The only paid options we offer are premium ones - no ads, custom branding, unlimited push notifications.

    What are benefits of making a mobile app with AppsGeyser?

    Making apps with AppsGeyser is more simple and completely free. Unlike our competitors, we don't charge you for developing, using, and sharing apps created on the platform. App development with AppsGeyser is easy. It takes 10 minutes to build an Android app from scratch. You don't need to know how to code or how to use complicated app constructors. Just fill the form of the app template and get your app! Even the 7-years old kid can build apps with AppsGeyser.

    Is it free to share a mobile app made on AppsGeyser?

    Yes, you can share and publish your Android app without any charges from AppsGeyser.

    How to use AppsGeyser App Builder?

    To start using AppsGeyser's App Builder, open the Creation page with the list of app templates. There are 3 types of app templates: business, individual, games. Choose a template to proceed and follow the instructions inside. After building an app, you will have to create an account on AppsGeyser to download the apk.

    What is the best app builder?

    AppsGeyser is the best App Builder. It offers a completely free app creation for any purpose.

    What is an app template?

    An app template is an app code file created by the App Builder. It can be edited via an online form. App templates are used to build native and functional mobile apps by inputting new content.

    Can I make money with my Android app?

    Yes. You can monetize your Android app created on the App Builder with one of the monetization options: banner advertising or in-app purchases.

    Can I build an app online?

    Yes. With AppsGeyser you can develop mobile apps without app making software. You can build an app on Windows, Linux, phone, tablet just by using the online website.

    How many apps can I build?

    You can build an unlimited number of Android apps on AppsGeyser's App Builder. There are no limits and no need to pay to make hundreds of mobile apps.

    How to build an Android app from scratch?

    To build an Android app from scratch, open the App Builder website. Choose a free app template for your app idea. Then follow the simple instruction, input the content, and app name.

    What you need to build an Android app?

    To build an Android app, you need to come up with an app idea, then choose one of the relevant app templates and prepare content. The content for the app can include links, texts, images, videos.

    How long does it take to build an app?

    With the App Builder, you can build an Android app within 10 minutes. Choose on on the free app templates to get your app in the shortest time possible!

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