12 Free Game App Templates for Android (2021)

12 free game templates

AppsGeyser has been listening to users and has been working on the creation of gaming templates. Not everyone wants to make a content-rich app, many want to create a game app for fun, for their personal enjoyment, to bring to fun to their business and to start an Android app business.

Why should I create a game app for Android?

There are several reasons why you should create a game app:

1. Fun – Games are an easy way to start an Android app business because they bring in a sense of fun and everyone likes to have fun.

2. Audience growth – Users will enjoy using your game, they will be more willing to come back to you to download more games from your collection.

3. Usage growth – Not only will your audience grow, but the amount of times users visit your app will grow which will increase your status in the app store and enable you for monetization with AppsGeyser.

4. Revenue – The more time users spend on your app the more revenue you will make.

How to create a game app for Android?

With AppsGeyser you create a mobile game app for Android for free and without any coding.

  1. Choose one of the game app Templates. AppsGeyser offers 12 free app templates for game makers.
  2. Follow the guide and fills the forms on a game template page.
  3. Choose the name for your game. Add the app description.
  4. Add the icon for an app.
  5. Download your APK! It’s ready to be shared on app markets!
appsgeyser android game app templates

12 Free Game App Templates Available Now

  1. 2048 – A famous 2048 game where you have to match tiles. Instead of using tiles with numbers, you can insert custom images. Swipe tiles, merge the same ones into a new one.
  2. Coloring – A mobile coloring book. You can convert black and white images into a coloring book. For adults it’s a great way to get rid off stress, for kids it’s just fun and educational!
  3. Magic ball – Or 8 ball. It’s an oracle app for making decisions. It’ll show you random phrases after you shake your device. Let users ask their questions and the oracle ball to do his job by giving out wise advices and predictions.
  4. Spin the Bottle – What task will you be asked to do? Shake your party, spin the bottle, and get ready for some action or the truth.
  5. Tap the Cookie – Timebound game, how many times can you tap the cookie before the time is up?
  6. 15 game – Simple sliding game. Move tiles to solve the original image.
  7. Fishing – Catch as many fish as you can until time’s up. Various types of fishes and obstacles to make the game even more entertaining.
  8. Slot Machine – It’s time to gamble! Create a slot machine – your Casino style Game to win or loose!
  9. Matching Puzzle – An addictive tile match puzzle game! Match 3 same tiles to solve challenging puzzles. I It’s a full adventure!
  10. Word Search – Let your users find hidden words in the field. Apart from shorten some time it’s good to learn a new vocabulary .
  11. Find the Pair – A game to train memory and attention. To win this game you need to remember the cards and match the same-looking ones. What a great way to have fun and get smarter at the same time!
  12. Quiz  – How much information does your app audience really know about the subject you are promoting? Test them out with this fantastic quiz style app.

With all these options, isn’t time that you create a game?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Android game templates free?

All game templates are free. Making, downloading and publish games is free.

How to make an Android game app for free?

1. Go to your AppsGeyser;
2. Choose Gamemaker on the menu;
3. Select of the free game templates;
4. Follow the guide inside;
5. Download your APK and publish it on Google Play.

What games can I make with free gaming templates?

You can make 12 different style gaming apps including fishing, quiz, word search, match the pair, 2048, coloring, spin the bottle and some others.

Is Android Game Maker free to use?

AppsGeyser GameMaker is free to use. No need to download software or pay fees to make and distribute Android Apps.