Make a Free Android App and Customize It Using Advanced Coding

Customize Android App by Advanced Coding

There are times when you may think that a template-based Android app platform is not the perfect idea for your business. After all, your wish is for your business to be unique from the rest, and a template will not give you the freedom of expression that you would like. Well, AppsGeyser has taken this into account. We not only allow you to create an app with a few clicks of a button, providing a simple app-making solution even for those with no computer background at all but also give you the option to customize your Android app to make it stand out from the rest. 

Each template has different functionalities, and if you want to create a fully customized Android app, we are always available to assist you. If you have the technical knowledge, you can make these changes alone. But for the person without any technical background, don’t fret. We have included some basic codes that you can use to create a custom app.

Why is having a fully customized Android app important?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider creating a fully customized Android app.

  • Aesthetics

It’s important to consider how your app looks because the appearance will influence its performance in the market. In order to make the most of your app, you want it to stand out and look different from other apps already on the market. When you are using a template, you are taking a chance of having numerous other apps on the market looking exactly the same as your app. For cosmetic reasons, it is important that you add code to make the app more suitable to your style.

  • Brand

Your app should mirror your brand’s style and therefore there may be certain design aspects of the app that you will want to change to allow it to fit in with your branding. It does not matter if you are an existing business or a newly formed Android app business — all businesses should be recognizable through visual branding. Take a look at Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. From a distance, you will know what this brand is just by seeing their logo. Visual branding is vital for successful marketing.

  • Tricks

Adding extra features to your app is also an important factor when planning your Android app business. By adding codes, you can create more features, such as a direct customer contact link, a “rate me” code, or a link that will connect all your android apps to help get your user to download more of your apps.

How can I customize my Android app?

There are a number of ways in which you can customize your AppsGeyser app using either your coding abilities or our in-built basic customization options. This offers a wealth of opportunities for those of you looking to create an Android app and to incorporate your custom app development ideas into your product.

The AppsGeyser dashboard

The dashboard gives you various ways to customize Android app to your needs. It allows you to update your icons, screen orientation and set browser options. If you decide to make a free Android app and do non-coding personalization, then this is the place you can do it.

To make changes from the AppsGeyser dashboard, go to the ‘EDIT’ tab. Here, you will see three tabs that enable you to perform different modifications. The first option is the Basic tab where you can set simple rules for your app. Such rules include,

Icon for your app – This will be downloaded to the user’s mobile phone to make your app clear and memorable.

Screen orientation – Here you have three options. We suggest that you remain on auto as this will allow the app to be viewed from wither direction with a smartphone. If there is a reason that the app needs t remain static on a certain size, then choose horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait).

Make sure you complete the description that will encourage people to understand your app and want your app. It is also vital that they choose the category that they app should appear in to help it be found in the app stores.

The next option under the edit tab is Advanced Tab. From this tab, we can find more in-depth details that you can modify to help personalize your app. The first three options that you will see are general options that are used for promotional activities. After these options things get interesting.

Some App personalization you can do on the advanced tab include:

  • Enable URL entry field

If you enable this option, you will be turning your app into a web browser. You must be aware that it means people can leave your website and start browsing the internet outside of your app.

  • Select User Agent

If you want to fool sites into believing that you are based on an iPhone or desktop browser, then you can use this option.

  • Embed this script into your App

This is a very advanced option where you can run JavaScript code into your app. Running JavaScript code will change the app only and not the base source that you have linked your app to. JavaScript is widely used to change page themes, colors, layouts, and so on. It is done by embedding a simple script. Upload.js makes it easy to perform a JavaScript upload.

To add customized Android code you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the dashboard and click on ’Edit’.
open edit menu
  1. Then click on ‘Advanced Edit’.
open advanced edit tab
  1. Choose Edit app to edit your free android app.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and add in your customized code.
add customized code

Time to make your Android app stand out from the rest – start customizing now.


Another method for creating a custom Android app is using HTML. AppsGeyser has an HTML template that will allow you to code your app in your desired design, this app-making template will not only be available offline to your clients, but it will also be written by you in a format that you have coded yourself. 

Zip archive

This is with no doubt the most advanced way to customize app using AppsGeysers’s online tools. The zip archive template allows you to upload files that are written in Javascript direct to the template. This option allows you complete control over the style and content of your application. This style of app is also available offline to your users which also adds further credit to the already successful app-making template. The only downside to creating an app with Javascript is that all updates must be made and updated on the app, unlike web-based templates that will automatically update with web updates. For more information on Javascript please click here.


So, there you have it – several ways to customize your app. However, it’s helpful to note that though many of our templates can be customized, this option is not available on all templates. Additionally, AppsGeyser does not have device access abilities at the moment. This means you cannot use external devices, such as cameras with your app. But watch out for future updates you never know what surprises we have in store for you!