App Maker vs Coding. What is Right For Your Business?

App Maker vs Coding

A mobile app enables businesses to both engage with current customers, and gain new ones, which can open up new streams of revenue. Time and time again it has been proven that consumers prefer apps over mobile sites, apps offer a better user experience, faster upload speeds, as well as extra features that are unique to the business that made the app

Recently we posted an article on this subject entitled “The Benefits of Having a Mobile App for your Business.” Here is a link to the full article. 

When developing an app there are two routes that a business can take, a business can either code their app from scratch or use an app maker. Each business must choose the route which is best for them, this will depend on the interests and needs of the business. 

So, how can you decide which route is best for your business? You can start by answering questions, such as, who will be using my app? 

  • What do I need my app to accomplish for my business? 
  • What resources am I able to invest into my app? 
  • Does my app need any complex functionality or customization? 
  • And what kind of user interface does my app need to have?

After answering these questions, you should have a good idea of what you will need from your app. If your number one goal is to quickly create a simple app, which will not cost very much money, then an app maker is the solution that you need.  

An app maker is designed to be simple and user-friendly; the app maker uses app templates that you edit to make an app that is unique to you and your company. Even those with little or no experience will be able to quickly learn how to effectively make an app. App makers are best for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs who have limited time, limited budgets and limited coding expertise.   

An app that is made from scratch and has advanced functionality fits into a different category, which is referred to as custom app development. Custom app development is generally used by large, established businesses that want maximum control over their app. Although there may be some benefits to custom app development a business owner must carefully analyze if the extra benefits will be worth the extra cost.   

Unlike custom app development, an app maker requires no software downloads, and is easy to navigate, providing step-by-step instructions which will allow even the most basic computer user to develop and launch their very own mobile app. This app may not have all the bells and whistles of a costly custom-made app but it will still offer a host of benefits to businesses looking to grow their revenue and engage customers. 

So, to review, an app maker is a low-cost and easy-to-use platform that enables a company to explore the benefits of having a mobile app without an expensive and time-consuming development process. 

Who shouldn’t use an app maker? A business that has more extensive goals for their mobile app, i.e., an online store, such as complex features, and a lot of customization. 

Who should use an app maker? An app maker will work best for a business that wants a simple mobile app, an app that doesn’t need a lot of customization. This app will only need to meet some basic needs for the industry that they are in. No-code app development platforms are designed for making simple, straightforward apps, solutions, and workflows.